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TMS Launches Its New MALMS Airfield Torque Wrench

Tailor Made Systems announces the launch of its MALMS Airfield Torque, an electronic RFID enabled stand-alone torque wrench that allows an airfield engineer to independently torque airfield light fixtures without being in constant communication with the system database.

MALMS Airfield Torque

The Airfield Torque has an inbuilt RFID reader at the end of one of the handles, while the airfield database is stored onto the wrench, so once a RFID Tag is read the torque wrench knows which airfield asset it is at, the number of fasteners to torque as well as required target torque values. Once the light fixture has been torqued, the data is stored on to the torque wrench and the operator can move to the next light location.

Upon completion of the maintenance task all data can be transferred to the cloud based Dashboard via the Engineer tablet. The Airfield Torque is part of the MALMS Engineer system.

MALMS Airfield Torque

Airfield Torque allows an airport to efficiently track the torque status of its lights by date, time, asset location and operator giving a complete audit trail.

Airfield Torque has now been supplied to Raleigh Durham International Airport in the US and will be supplied to both Prague International Airport (Czech Republic) and London Stansted Airport (UK) in the future.

Please view our new MALMS product video below.

For more information or demonstration please contact us.

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